Bark and Bunk wants this to be the best experience possible for everyone. We will NOT accept any dogs without a scheduled meet and greet.   

If your dog has ever bitten anyone or shows any aggression whatsoever, please make other arrangements.

Bark and Bunk requires dogs have their vaccinations and are on a flea preventative.  Proof of vaccination is required. 

Because we are reserving a spot for your dog, we do not give refunds for arriving home early and retrieving your dog before the scheduled date.

What do you need to bring for your dog?

We like to feed your dog what they are used to eating so their tummies don’t get upset. 

Please bring your dog’s food and any treats you may give your dog. 

If your dog is used to being crated, please bring the crate with you.

Bring your dog’s collar, harness, ID tags and leash.

Bring dog toys or pet beds or blankets your dog likes to make the environment more familiar. 

If your dog takes any medications, please bring them with you. 

There is no additional charge to administer medication.

Bark and Bunk can provide a height adjustable food bowl with stainless steel bowls.